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 Skills: Skating forward, backwards crossovers, pivoting, acceleration, power strides, agility training, and edge control.

 Shooting: wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, backhand scoring.

 Passing: Sending, receiving, saucer passes, backhand passes.

 Stick handling: Forward and backward stick handling, puck control.

 All on ice programs are instructed by:



We here at BluePrint Hockey are always looking for Instructors who can foster the same professional outlook our school gives to kids every year.  If you have a teaching background, a friendly fun attitude and you are a skilled professional with a minimum Development 1 Coaching Certificate drop us a line we would be interested in speaking with you about a future in instructing.

We also love our players to come back as they get older to also be involved as helpers.  If you are 16 or older and require community service hours and would be interested in some on ice helping, please drop us a line.


Timekeepers for our 3 on 3/Ice Hockey League

Convenors for our 3 on 3/Ice Hockey League

Referee's for our 3 on 3 Ice Hockey League

Instructors for all of our clinics



 If no one is available when you call 

  e-mails and phone messages are checked 

  regularly throughout the remainder of the week