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Potential Sponsor:

If you understand anything about sponsorship you will realize exposure is the key to maximizing what you spend your dollar’s on.  In Canada a recent survey was done by Epsen Reid Marketing Company who determined the Hockey is the #1 sponsoring tool in Canada for business.  Let’ s face it Canadians LOVE HOCKEY ! !  So we here at BluePrint Hockey School are looking for Sponsor’s.

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Helping Our Community
BluePrint Hockey has been well known for giving back within our own community.  We have previously raised money for Caledon Community Services, have helped lower income families with fees for our camps and have donated camps for charity in our community.  BluePrint Hockey believes in giving back.

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Sponsorship Advertising with BluePrint Hockey School


As the owners of Blueprint Hockey, we would like to share some great news about our hockey school . . .

Blueprint Hockey has been operating a hockey school based out of Caledon since 2004 and have run March Break, Pre-Tryout, Summer Shooting, Hitting, High Tempo and Week long Day Camps along with Christmas Camps and our famous 3 on 3 league and ball hockey league.

Our school is constantly looking at ways to help other business in our area help get there word out about there great products or services and are always looking to partner with new companies looking for a fresh opportunity to spread the word of there business to the youth of Caledon.

We are looking to promote several local businesses by adding logos on the hockey jerseys and the dry-land t-shirts, along with team sponsors for our 3 on 3 league.  There are 3 options to choose from:

** 3 on 3 Sponsorship Deals

**Sponsor a 3 on 3 Team for this upcoming season for $500.00 and your son/daughter plays free for the season. ($350.00 Value) makes sense to have a fun filled summer and get your company name out there to the community all for 1 price !

1. Gold Sponsor - your company name or logo on the back of all jerseys, on our banners, on our website and distributed in our pamphlets, and all email distributions will feature your company name and logo. (5000.00 dollars)

2. Silver Sponsor - your company name or logo on our website, banner, in our pamphlet's and on one product/jersey/division 3 on 3 given to the athletes (1000.00 dollars)

3. Bronze Sponsor - your company logo on our website, and distributed in our giveaway goodie bag to the athletes.  (500.00 dollars)

Depending on your company’s products we are also happy to put together a GOODIE BAG for each athlete including your companies information/advertising some small gifts from your company like a logo’d puck, magnet or possibly a discount for one of your products.

We hope that you will consider sponsoring our Summer Program as Blueprint Hockey plans to be part of the great hockey tradition in Caledon for many more years.  It is our intention to forge lasting partnerships with great local businesses.  Local sponsorship has been proven to benefit both businesses and communities.  Your sponsorship would be a great contribution and you would be a foundation partner in our unique hockey school.




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