Summer Camp 

BluePrint HOCKEY


“The Foundation for Success“


LOCATION: Caledon East Arena               


TIME: 0900 - 1600

COST $450.00/athlete player or goalie


 This summer do it right and prepare for the upcoming year like never before !


Emphasis will be on :            

 - Acceleration Training                         - Strength and Resistance Training

 - Power and Plyometric Training         - Overspeed and Assistance Training

 - Technique and Biomechanics           - Speed and Agility Training

 - Foot Quickness                                   - Edge Control and Turning

The daily schedule will consist of 5 hours of instruction :

 A. 2 HOURS OF ON ICE INSTRUCTION - An amazing collection of stick handling and skating techniques will be taught in a rigorous fashion. Players will be challenged to acquire these skills and use them at game speed. The on ice session will be divided into two parts with 1/2 the time on moves fakes and dekes including stick handling, passing and shooting.  The second half on Ultimate Skating and Power Instruction. (Group A 09:30am - 11:30am +Group B 1:30pm - 3:30pm)

 B. After either session there will be 1/2 hour to change then a 1 hour lunch break where instructors will talk about different hockey strategies everyday including videos during this period. (Both Group A+B 12:00noon - 1:00pm)

 C. 2 HOURS OF DRYLAND TRAINING - Players will be put through a rigorous assortment of dryland techniques keyed on improving player stamina, quickness, agility and plyometrics along with the ability to create a stronger more balanced athlete.  Players will learn from some of the top personal trainers and hockey dryland experts in our area. (Group A 1:30pm - 3:30pm + Group C 09:30am - 11:30am)

2 Groups of Athletes will operate in different directions, Group A will always be on ice first and Group B will always begin in dryland mode first and work backwards to A.  Any outdoor activities will be replaced for indoor ones in inclement weather.  Please bring a packed lunch for your athlete and we will provide a location to eat lunch and to also either refrigerate your lunch or be able to heat it up at lunch hour.


BluePrint HOCKEY

“The Foundation for Success“


The daily schedule will consist of 3 hours of instruction :

 A. Goalies will spend the first 1/2 hour of there day working with the player camp in a rotating fashion in simulated fast paces drills as their warm up. (11:00am-11:30am)

 B. After the first 1/2 players will leave for their lunch and the goalies will spend the next 1 1/2hrs working directly with the instructors and specific skill and technique.  (11:30-1:00pm)

 C. Goalies will finish their day working again with the player group for 1 hour in a rotating fashion in direct flow drills with constant instruction from our goalie instructors. (1:00-2:00pm)

Goalies who attend our Summer Camps will be exposed to the most modern and proven goaltender training techniques available.

BluePrint Hockey is constantly updating their drills and remain dedicated to educating themselves and discovering the newest and most effective ways to teach goaltenders.

The methods used for each goalie is not based on a specific style, but on the needs of the individual.

Our students gain a tremendous amount from our camps and from our professional staff.

On top of the technical improvements on their overall skills, each goaltender will also experience an improved sense of confidence that will help them both on and off the ice during the following Season.

Goaltender Training Areas of Focus

bullet Goalie Specific Skating
bullet Crease Movement / Butterfly Slides & Pushes
bullet Stance / Stick-handling (Passing, Shooting & Playing the puck behind the net)
bullet Communication Skills
bullet Rebound Control / Save Selection
bullet Glove + Blocker Positioning / Reading Plays
bullet Game Situation Drills
bullet Staying "Big" / Stick Positioning
bullet Angles
bullet Agility / Patience on the Puck
bullet Chest Smothers / Pass-Outs
bullet Tracking the Puck in front and behind the net / Positive Body Language

For Goalies

LOCATION: Caledon East Arena               


TIME: 11:00am - 3:00pm

COST $450.00/athlete goalie



 Our mission statement: Our mission is to build a foundation for young players, by providing a superior understanding of hockey as well as a strong backbone for future development of young stars.

Registration will NOT be complete until Cash or Cheque is recieved ! !

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